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Mission Statement

Our Community Solutions, Inc. (OCS) aims to create the optimal environment for individuals, families and communities to prosper and live healthy, fulfilled lives.

OCS is a 501(c)3, nonprofit full-service mental health and psychosocial support organization.

We provide practical solutions based on real life experiences honoring each journey. Our holistic approach provides a safe space to learn, process and discover the best parts of yourself, family and community.


Our Approach

  • OCS has adopted a comprehensive Trauma-Informed Care approach at both the clinical and organizational level. We understand the healing process begins by supporting our clients in getting clarity about their life experiences and developing healthy skills to process and manage them.

  • OCS uses Evidence-Based scientifically validated therapies to address mental health and psychosocial issues. 

  • OCS values Culture Awareness. We understand that culture influences all aspects of life and behavior. It means we strive to work with clients from their cultural perspective, not from our own. 

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 OCS is a 501(c)3, nonprofit           full-service mental health
and psychosocial support   organization.

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